These products are not "cures" nor are they miracle products, but due to the huge need of people who are unable to recite for themselves, this website has been created.

Please Be Patient!

As these products are not just off the shelf - it will usually take some time to recite / make them, but please rest assured that you'll be kept informed about the progress of your products. They will be made in batches. Once a new batch is ready, items will be put back in stock.

Recitation Of Ruqyah

International Shipping Available

I am aware of the huge need for ruqyah related products internationally, so I will ship internationally but please note that it can be quite costly.

things to bear in mind

Are these "blessed" products?

Putting it very simply, NO! These are simple products which have been created to assist those who could benefit from them. There is no additional or special blessings - the cure is from Allah alone.

Will they work for everyone?

I hope that these products will be beneficial but i cannot guarantee that they will work for you. I hope they do, but ultimately many different things can affect the outcome of any treatment

Why aren't the products free or very cheap?

There is a cost to myself of buying the products but the main cost is my time. Preparing the creams / oils in particular can take a very long time - and I have a normal day job!